The Safety Source helps Magna one of the worlds largest automotive suppliers go LED!!

The Safety Source retrofit this 350,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility December of 2104. The facility which had 485 each T5 6 lamp fluorescent high bay fixtures each consuming 356 watts. The Safety Source, LLC retrofitted those with 472 each 150 watt LED high bay fixtures that consume 169 watts each (that is a reduction of 187 watts per fixture).

They also had over 400 ea T8 2 and 3 lamp fluorescent fixtures that consume 58/85 watts each, these were replaced with 24/48 watt LED retrofit strips. Lastly, they had 140 ea T8 8 foot 2 lamp task lights that consume 160 watts each, these were retrofitted with 50 watt LED retrofit strips. This retrofit created the following return on investment.

Annual Kilowatts Consumed

Customer is paying $.09/kWh

Before: 1,967,539 kWh

After: 846,230 kWh

Annual kilowatts saved: 1,121,309 kWh

Cost Savings

57% cost savings related to lighting

Annual lighting cost before: $177,078.55

Annual lighting cost after: $76,160.71

Annual savings $100,917.84 | Monthly Savings $8,409.82

Total cost of this project including parts | labor | disposal $221,537.00

This customer received a rebate from DTE Energy of $91,150.44

Total project cost after rebate $146,486.00

Return on Investment after DTE Energy rebate was 12 MONTHS!


This project has a legacy cost savings of $1,203,008.92 over a 10 year period!!

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